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This rag tag group of amazing individuals has a special place in my heart and it has been a privilege getting to know them. Marching through the financial district every day at 11 am and 5 pm, we peaceful progressives are attempting something huge in such a small city. An open meeting takes place at 6pm every night and lately they have been focused on the Tucson Police Departments daily arresting and ticketing of protesters in Armory Park.

The TPD has been issuing tickets and arresting protesters every day to those who are camped out at Armory because the park technically closes at 10:30 every night. So far 351 protesters have been arrested; some have been arrested multiple times in one day. While they continue to impose upon the 1st Amendment Rights of every American to peacefully assemble, there is one person who can put all this to rest.

The City Manager can legally change the hours of the park and stop the impending doom of jail time, a $1,000 fine and 3 years probation for 351 citizens and counting. While the City Council continues to sit on it’s thumbs, it has costed the tax payers of Tucson $200,000 in just two weeks since the movement started. And for what? To prove a point? What point? That protesting in Tucson won’t be allowed or recognized without a price and/or jail time? 

Please contact the City Council of Tucson and let them know we will not give up our right to protest no matter what kind of fear they try to impose. We are standing up for them as well. We want peace and we want to be heard. 

You can find the numbers and emails of all Tucson City Council here: