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megushie oh I’m embracing it…have been for a couple years now. I just want the favor returned ;D

I have an ever growing obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch and I do believe I need help.

The fuck is wrong with this country? Someone please tell me because I’ve been trying for YEARS to understand our obsession with guns and I just can’t. I couldn’t do it before I was shot in a school shooting 15 years ago and I still can’t despite attempting being as open minded as possible.

To all those who wrote with words of advice and encouragement. You’re in my heart forever.


@luckynein thank you, love :)

On Friday I’m going into surgery to remove any and all of my cervical cancer. I. AM. TERRIFIED. If anybody has been in the same situation, or knows someone who has or whatever If you have some advice, tips or anything and have a moment….please message me. I’m pretty much alone here. It would mean the world to me.





"If I perform this emergency abortion I’m a murderer!!!"

No, bro. You’re a murderer if you let your pregnant patient die in your office because you refused them an emergency abortion.

Believing that you know more and are more experienced than a trained surgeon. justprochoicethings.

And what are you doing here? What are all pro lifers doing in acting like emergency abortions aren’t needed and abortion is unneeded period? Acting like you know more than medical professionals. So lmao. More hypocrisy

Ash, my new favorite person.

I am sexist and a racist. This is coming from a white, cisgendered MRA. So we know it to be truth.

Taken in a Walmart parking lot. Surprise, surprise. Pretty sure if you’re still shopping in a store that’s a giant corporation, Capitalism still reigns supreme.

I Love A Perfect Pantry in downtown Tucson.

Oh. My. Stars. I need this and I need it NOW.

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An idiot, in the classical sense, is a person who does not extend his knowledge outside himself. If I’m an idiot, I stay to myself and care little about acquainting with the world around me in a helpful way and more about my comfort. An idiot is self-centered at best and centered on nothing at worst.