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Taken in a Walmart parking lot. Surprise, surprise. Pretty sure if you’re still shopping in a store that’s a giant corporation, Capitalism still reigns supreme.

I Love A Perfect Pantry in downtown Tucson.

Oh. My. Stars. I need this and I need it NOW.

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An idiot, in the classical sense, is a person who does not extend his knowledge outside himself. If I’m an idiot, I stay to myself and care little about acquainting with the world around me in a helpful way and more about my comfort. An idiot is self-centered at best and centered on nothing at worst.


LINK TW: sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse, descriptions of torment and injuries, human trafficking

My first thought was to take solace in the fact that a lot of people will be at HIS FUNERAL with the hateful and ugly slogans he and his family so deserve.

But then I realized they’d only be sinking to the lows of the Westboro Baptist “Church”. I urge anyone and everyone who wants to protest his funeral not to. NOT giving him, or his sick family, any attention when they bury that sick fuck will send a bigger message. WE DON’T CARE ABOUT HIM, HIS “CHURCH” OR HIS FAMILY BECAUSE WE’RE TOO BUSY WINNING MARRIAGE EQUALITY AND BASIC WORK RIGHTS FOR THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY.

Phelps’ hatred and abhorrent behavior did give us one good thing: UNITY. He put a human face on a monster and we came together to rise above it. That’s far more important and significant than stooping to the Phelps’ family low.

If you are on WordPress, I HIGHLY encourage you to follow and read Haifischgeweint. I never miss a post. Jamie is one of the most, if not THE most, intelligent and passionate writer/blogger/activist, etc. I’ve ever come across.

Today is National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. Abortion providers bravely choose to uphold the principles of Roe v. Wade every day, risking life and limb, so that pregnant people have the right to choose.

Show your love and thanks to the courageous men and women who stand by choice, bodily autonomy and science by sending your local provider an awesome postcard!

Hi, there. I just want to clarify something with you. Your issue is not that the products exist, right? It's just the fact that they are marketed *specifically* to women? If your issue is with the gender-based marketing, then I completely agree with you. But there's also the other side of it, that men can also like pink and floral patterns and other things coded "feminine".
wire-hangers-never-again wire-hangers-never-again Said:

@feministrocker Of course that’s the issue. Those gloves are purposely marketed for women. So, not only do we have to keep the house clean, we have to look good doing it? That lady has her hair done up, makeup on and most likely heels! It would be laughable if it weren’t so prominent and disgusting. It is NOT the gloves themselves. That’s just ridiculous. It’s the ad men suits that market this crap to us. I saw a lot of comments made by men saying they’d love a pair of those gloves. Maybe they’re gay, maybe they’re not. It shouldn’t matter. But if they want to buy those gloves in Hicksville, USA, who knows what kind of hate that’ll stir up cuz them there gloves are for women! See what I mean?

My boyfriend found a crap load of these CPC flyers in the laundromat of our apts. So he took them all down, then went to the 2nd laundromat and took those down too. I love him :)